The Tape Reader's Bundle

The Tape Reader's Bundle

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Now including 20 hours of content from January-March 2017


Ready to really learn how to trade? We have created a special bundle for students who wish to pursue tape reading in conjunction with our training room support. The videos have been selected because they compliment and build on each other. The package contains approximately 80 hours of recorded training sessions and client workshops, plus the option to purchase 3 days of live one-on-one training with a veteran trader.

The training videos cover just about every facet of trading, from setup through account and asset protection, mental discipline, trading setups, and teaches two distinct methods of reading the tape. The first method will dovetail with your current methodology, regardless of how you trade, and the second method is for those who don't have a solid plan currently and wish to trade directly from the order flow.

Products in the package are shown above and you can click on the links to view details about each specific product. Please contact customer support with any questions prior to purchasing. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product features the use of the Jigsaw trading tools as well as our own proprietary analysis platform, and thoroughly explains and illulstrates how to use them. However, if you are using the built in T&S and DOM in your trading platform, the same principles will apply. You will just have to think harder for the information.