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Group Mentorship

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously purchased any of our video products, full credit for the video portion will be applied. You will need to use the Contact Us link above to arrange for the discount.

Benefits of the group mentorship:

  • Real-time training in live markets
  • See how to trade CL and ES directly from the tape 
  • Want to use 2-3 tick stops with 7-10 tick first targets? See it live!
  • Submit your own setups and have them reviewed by a pro
  • See how easy is is to use the tape to confirm your own trades
  • Get our personal templates and settings to duplicate on your PC


Semi-private Mentorships - For people truly wanting to understand how to be a self-directed trader, a mentorship will be the most appropriate way to get there. My mentorship program is based on the following premise: I don't believe most individuals can watch a brief video or read a course manual and then go out Monday morning and become a trader. Same thing goes for mentorships where you have 3-5 days to try to master trading. Seems like many try, but they bounce so quickly from one methodology to another that they never stop and master anything.

That's not to say that videos don't work - some traders who have a good basic grasp of the market may find one video gives them the last piece of the puzzle they need to succeed. However, I encourage people to try to make enough of a commitment to one method so that they can actually master it.

So the group mentorship works this way: Your mentorship will include a two week group workshop, where we go through the latest tools available to traders today, and provide specific direction in how to set up and use these tools in the futures contracts that offer the best liquidity. We will share our personal settings and templates for the most commonly traded futures contracts, and show you how to develop your own for any market. Recordings of this workshop will be provided to all clients in the group so that they have access whether or not they attend live. This also allows ample opportunity to review the instruction at your own pace.

This workshop is conducted in a very small and personal online room for mentorship students, and is primarily an educational tool. The room exists to help you implement the instruction you have received, and to master the discipline required to succeed. Approximately one week of the workshop will primarily consist of real-time analysis of instruments such as CL and ES.

Depending on how many have purchased the mentorships at any given time, there may be anywhere from 1 to 5 people in the room, so it's not overly crowded. The mentorships will only be scheduled as individuals are ready to join in. If we can't arrange a group within 60 days of your purchase, we will proceed one-on-one.

We encourage you to use your time in the room to ask questions, participate in the exercises, and observe so that you learn how to think and act like a true professional.

Please contact us if you would like further details about the group mentorship.